Who am I?

     I’m pretty much your average typical guy, but with a few extra special attributes, I love playing Video games, but more importantly outside of gaming, I love spending time with my Wife, Family and Friends. They are my world and what mean the most to me.

What do you do?

     I am a former Sheetz Inc. Employee. I loved my time spent there and loved doing what I was doing, but unfortunately that all came to an end. Right now I am spending my time looking for jobs I am able to do at home and also fighting to get disability which is explained in my newest blog titled “Hard to get around, But it won’t stop me!”

What is your disability you ask?

     After getting injured in an accident related to a roof job, I was unable to walk or stand for a period of time. I went to Physical Therapy for roughly a year or so and there wasn’t anything more they could do for me in terms of treatment. Looking at where I am now, I currently can’t sit and stand for long periods of time Maximum of an hour at a time. Reason being is because if I do, my joints lock up, I feel as though someone is stabbing me in the back of my heels and dragging a knife up through my leg. Sometimes I also get that pain while walking and it stops me dead in my tracks as well.

What is your Dream job?

     My dream job is kind of torn and split by two things that are completely different from one another. My first dream job was to become a Graphics Designer, mainly due to the fact that I have this creative mind and so many concepts and ideas floating around, but I am not talented by any means with Photoshop.  However, my second dream job was to be a writer, whether that was writing storyline scripts for Games or movies or writing books. Being a Restocker is a farcry from what I currently want to be doing, but I will get there eventually, I just need to work hard for it.

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