So I will give a little backstory about myself that way you all are able to get to know me a little better and it might help with the bigger picture that I will be talking more about later. So my name is Zeb and I am just an ordinary person that is sometimes outspoken and sometimes way too outgoing. I’m 27 years old and I work for a company named Sheetz which is seen only on the eastern coast in a few states doing Store Restocking and cleaning as well.

I am married and have 2 little girls, one from a previous relationship, and one with my wife. My general life consists of making sure little baby girl is taken care of and that my wife are both taken care of. Lately I have been wondering what else I could do to help make things even better because I have become burdened with a ton of stress that normally I could brush off. But, it doesn’t seem that I can just brush everything off this time.

So with that I have been trying to figure out what I can do to help get me through each day without having negative thoughts racing through my head and to keep myself sane. Now don’t get me wrong, spending time with my Wife & Baby is important but, when I am down and out and my wife doesn’t know how to help me then I resort to Gaming and Streaming and sometimes Music as well.

I have experienced a lot, lost a lot, and dealt with what I feel is too much at certain points. But, having the support that I have from my Wife is really important and she is outstanding at it to be honest. The thing of it is though is that we’ve struggled with other things that I won’t mention because its personal but, I have decided that a 2nd job might just have to happen.

Which all ties into my Stream & my official goals that I have for my Stream/Channel. Lets just say a few years back I fell in love with streaming, whether that was through watching other streamers that I looked up to or just the sheer joy and satisfaction that I got from it. Thing is though I hit a hard point in life where I wasn’t sure I could stream consistently enough so I decided that I would have to stop streaming and playing games as much and focus on my life.

So when I did that I gave up one of the biggest stress/anxiety relievers that I had and I also left behind over 90+ followers at that point. Leaving them in limbo of whether I was going to stream for weeks and weeks. I left without a sound on Twitter and slowly but surely it seemed as if my Social Media/Stream had just died and that I gave up and left everyone behind.

But, the truth is I didn’t give up for good. I didn’t leave for good, and my social media/channel aren’t dead. I had recently started streaming again and I decided it was time to put my time investment in, stay consistent and not give up whether or not I saw that viewer count at 0 or 1 all the time. I look at so many low viewer count streamers and think to myself that this person could be the next big thing or grow even more in the matter of weeks instead of months.

I decided that being consistent and streaming as much as I can while also making sure to spend equal time with my wife and daughter would be how I would pursue a 2nd job. So really what I am saying here is even though I am not a Partner of Twitch or even an Affiliate of Twitch, I want and I need to get there. I will do whatever it takes to make the best go at this as I can.

One thing that I can also say is that I won’t leave people feeling abandoned this time around or feeling as if I just left it all to rot. That was the worst thing I could’ve done way back when. However, I want everyone out there that streams and has a low viewer count or low follower count or whatever, whether you’re new or small or getting where you want to be. DON’T give up.

All the hardwork that us streamers put in is eventually going to pay off one way or another. One streamer that I network with in a sense is and she is nothing short of an inspiration to me. She’s been streaming for 2 years, isn’t partnered yet but she is a Twitch Affiliate and she still works her ass off each day to put on a good show and keep people entertained.

However, I am hoping that I can turn Streaming into my 2nd job with time and also be able to give back to the people who tune into my stream each time. This isn’t just about helping me and my channel grow, this isn’t about just my wife me and my little girl, but this is about myself, my wife, my baby girl, my friends, and my community that I am trying to build each day. I want and need to be able to give back to those that give to me.

I have this drive to be the best me I can be for those that view me. Do I slip up sometimes and what not? Yes, I do and I am not ashamed to admit that because I am only human. But, I try to make up for it every single time I stream. I might not have all the followers in the world, or the biggest community, or even be viewed like other huge name streamers, but I am trying to build something special.

So once again to all those small streamers out there and new streamers on the horizon, don’t be discourageddon’t get too down on yourselfand most of all keep going and keep doing what you’re doing, because at the end of the day we are all in control over our own destiny and we are also all in control of reaching our goals. I can do this, YOU can do this, and together WE can do this.

~Zeb ‘LeOracle25’


Special Support Thank You to the following (Names are clickable to go to their streams):

NikkiDuhGames – For being a true inspiration to me and other streamers and doing what you do best. You always put on one helluva show and I have a feeling if not this year then 2019 will be your year for becoming Partnered. I just…know it!

LadyRedGames – Thank you for always sayin’ hi when I come to Nikki’s stream (I still have to get to yours one of these days!) and giving a warm welcome and I hope that your stream continues to grow and that you get Affiliated soon enough!

Thank you to the recent new followers that also stream as well!









Thank you to the newest followers of my stream since I made my comeback!














Thank you all for your support and I hope that I can continue to bring a great show each time I stream for you guys!

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