LeOracleCraft Minecraft Server [1.12.2+] [SMP][PVE][PVP][JOBS][RANKS][Etc]

Welcome to LeOracleCraft
This server is full of many surprises and one I can say that I took to heart and thought deeply about was whether or not to do a PVE + PVP server. So I decided to do both!

Among other things our server is SMP, PVE, PVP, Jobs, Rank System, etc

We have many different plugins on our server to try our best to make it completely Unique, I am sure in some aspects we fail, but in other aspects we are pretty well off.

So enough about that, lets give some background detail, LeOracleCraft has been around for nearly 2 years now, and it started off with me, and my wife’s sister, and a few others just randomly building things. Little did I know that it would blow up into a 2 year project. We decided that we wanted to be able to open publicly but in a slower way than what most people do.

I struggled with the idea of going public as I wasn’t great with World Guard which has changed since the first initial thoughts. However, we do have White list for our server right now. So I decided we would go public this year and shortly after my Wife’s Birthday! Woo!

So if you’re interested in a new experience where you can pick your own jobs, have access to any biome in the world, go from Accent to LeOracleHeights or StripMine (yes we have a dedicated world for SMining), or even leveling up not only minecraft levels but your job levels and having a challenge doing so with Leveled mobs. Then…this server may very well be for you.

In other news we have multiple pixel arts, 3-D art in some cases (more to come) and some really interesting and maybe different kind of builds. So if you’re lookin’ for a good time and some really awesome people to hang out with and generally are a person lookin’ to meet new people. This server may very well be for you! So Apply with the comments!

Some screenies provided of the server: https://imgur.com/a/WvRUx
Server Address: leoracle25.mcph.co

Application Process
First Name!:
Little about yourself!:
Have you played on a server before?:
Do you have Discord?:
Have you ever been banned from a server? If yes, why (details):
What other games are you currently playing?:
Why should we accept you into our community?:
If accepted are you willing to follow the rules that you will obtain before entering our “Surface” world?:
If accepted do you understand that you will received one warning upon breaking a rule, and that following offenses will have deeper consequences?:


After filling out the application for the server, please copy/paste your questions/answers into the general text only chat on our discord server by simply clicking this link, joining and sending it in the text only chat.



Best of luck to applicants and I am looking forward to seeing this community grow even more!​

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