Hey everyone, so I got a huge huge huge topic at hand to talk about today and I figure better now than never at all! Some of you might be wondering what League of Legends is and I am here to tell you. League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) based video game. I’ve been playing for quite a few years and, it’s been one hell of a ride so far. See the thing about video games isn’t just the fact that it’s an escape for me but, it also relaxes me in a way that other things can’t.


So basically you go into a game and you play with 4 other people and you go against 5 other people as well. So it’s 10 people from all over the continent in one game playing to win. Battling it out on a map that is called Summoner’s Rift. Whoever destroys the other teams Nexus wins the game, simply put. But, for as long as I have been playing League of Legends I have always strived and wanted more for myself. What that was, I wasn’t really sure at the time. Slowly but surely after playing well over 4000 games or so within the last couple years, I think I figured out what that is that I wanted.


What I am basically saying is I want to create my own team, I want to play with 4 other people who I know will confide in me and help me along the way and vice versa. I want to feel what it’s like to be in a real team environment. See I have been watching the eSports scene grow and grow and, it’s incredible to see how much it’s evolved over the years. Fact of the matter is I am nowhere near a professional level of play and I’m not afraid to admit that.


The strange this is over the years I have had many friends tell me I deserve to be higher ranked than I have been in the past. I’ve been told that I could get to Platinum easily but, I kind of shrugged it off and just took it as a compliment. I never really felt that confident in my play but, the more I got complimented on it I felt the desire and drive to try. The problem is I quickly lost that motivation to play ranked games simply because my emotions often get the best of me and I go on tilt and start to do poorly.


But I noticed one thing and that is when I am playing alongside 4 other friends I generally play so much better and another strange thing is I usually become the shot caller in voice communications with them. Usually I have crisp and clean shot calling and sometimes I don’t, it’s a hit and miss kind of thing and I believe that’s how it works for everyone. No one is perfect by any means and I feel like it’s the type of thing where you can shot call the whole game, or shot call from behind the lines and being behind in the game or ahead of the game.


But nowadays I have this desire and drive to be much more than what I am currently in League of Legends, I have that competitive drive. I have the ability and I want to actually try this season coming. I’m just afraid of doing it alone and would rather be alongside my friends. The problem I am running into is creating a team and being able to get everything to work around our schedules. So I came up with an idea and it became very clear to me. What if I create an actual team of 10 players including myself? Would that work out in the long run?

That’s when it really hit me that it could most definitely work. For instance say if someone wasn’t available to play at the time? What do you do? I would be able to use a substitute from my reserve roster to play in for my original starter. Now that could work a lot better than say just having 5 players. Now it’s a matter of finding 10 players and not just 5. Which makes it a little difficult but hey it’s not impossible the professionals can do it so can I! Right? I think so at least haha.


So basically what I guess I am asking is if any of my friends that play League of Legends, would you be willing to jump on board with me for this journey? Do you have the drive and motivation like I do currently? If so then you have read the right blog and you have found a path that leads you down the road that I am willing to travel and willing to take on any challenge that comes my way. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!


My goals for the 2018 League of Legends season is to create my own team, and practice with them. Build us and lead us to bigger things and from what I understand there is going to be something called “Clash” which apparently is a tournament style mode? Not really sure don’t have much detail or done a lot of research on it. Either way, I would love to compete and go big or go home. But more importantly I would like to take my Solo/Duo rank and up it higher than it has ever been before.


It’s a time investment and everyone that I talked to previously before I shared this with everyone has said, “Zeb you have a baby, you have a wife, you have this, you have that.” Yes, but the thing about all of that is simple. I have to make time for everything yes, but as always and this stands no matter what. Lillian will always come first, before games and whatever else comes at me down the road. I know that, and I will not put anything in front of her.


My thing is I need to set goals and I need to achieve said goals and better myself. I need to prove that I can be something rather than nothing whether that’s with a team or without and with just a partner. So I am going to do what I can and make the 2018 League of Legends season my proving ground. What this means is I will not only stream a little more often than previous times but I will try a little harder, and I will work my ass off to better my emotional control.


So if you’re with me so be it and let’s make this happen and let’s also have fun with it too! It’s a long road ahead of me and it will be an even longer season, at least that’s how it’ll feel. But here goes nothing and here is to a good or great 2018 Season! Wish me luck on this journey and be sure to tune into my streams at www.twitch.tv/LeOracle25 or alternatively you can watch me from my website www.leoracle25.com/twitch-stream/.

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