So we went on a little adventure today to Buttermilk Falls, it was my wife Alyssa and I and our Gramma, and I am surprised to this day that it is still running well and smooth, not nearly what it may have been years ago but still its there and still running. The water is probably the clearest that I have seen of water in years and that surprises me the most. But, it was a fun adventure especially with the GPS taking us down some back roads which by the way some of them were bumpy! But, when we arrived we walked down some of the trails and as we entered on one of the trails there was a plaque or picture board of Mr. Rodgers which I never knew about beforehand.


It had historical facts about Mr. Rodgers but also Edward McFeely as well and just being able to read over it was interesting within itself. So after we all read over it we continued on down the trails and there was a fork but, one of trails just went in a half circle and looped around to the direct trail down to the falls. There was a wooden built deck so you could stand there and watch the water trickle off the falls. It was soothing to say the least and surprising as well. Gramma took some pictures of the falls from different stances and viewpoints and then we tried figuring out how people actually got down to the falls.


But, nonetheless we walked away from the deck and started heading back and following the trail some more and we came across a gated off trail. That trail would’ve led down to the Falls but, Alyssa didn’t want me to even chance going down there. I was sure I could do it but there would’ve been risks involved considering it was a steep trail leading down and rocky as well. So in the end I didn’t bother risking it and we proceeded to go back up to the Jeep. Now as we approached the Jeep, Gramma got some pictures to show how high up we were from the falls itself and I would say it was impressive.


Sadly though its kind of disgraceful in a way because people threw their trash over the side of the embankment. Why people can’t have respect for such a beautiful site is beyond me but, I guess people have their reasons and own agendas. Either way we hopped into the Jeep and we headed out from there and made our way home. Then it was either Alyssa or her Gramma that thought of it but the Indiana Fair came to mind. So even though we all were hot and sweaty and possibly tired out a little from the trip to the Falls, we tried to contact Harold to see if he wanted to go to the fair.


However, we got back to the apartment and since we hadn’t received any response back from Harold I walked into the apartment asked him if he wanted to go to the fair and he didn’t want to. So I gathered my water up and headed out the door and off Alyssa & I and Gramma went to the Fair. So we arrive at the Fair and Gramma drops us off and we head in and just walk around and run into multiple people we knew. The sad thing is at least in my opinion is that every year it seems there’s never anything new, no new things to try or do, no new experiences to experience, its kind of sad in a way.


Maybe I’m a little too technical about it but then again it is just my opinion. However we met up with Alyssa’s cousin Robin and it was a great time to talk with her and her husband about multiple different things. It’s always good to see family since we don’t get to see alot of family all that often but I really appreciate the time because its always well spent. At first I didn’t really want to go to the fair but then I realize it’s not just about me and I adapted and then became happy to be there. Either way it was an eventful day and seeing people we knew made it even better.


But, all in all I love the time we get to spend with Gramma and the times where we are out and about and see Family and Friends whether they be from church or friends in general that we don’t usually see. As for anything else we will have to wait and see but, I know we are going to be going over to Gramma’s for dinner around seven so I am pretty happy about that because it’ll be more time well spent. That’s all for now and I will do my best to keep blogging whether that be a daily or weekly basis. Anything big that happens I will include here and keep you all informed!


Thanks for reading,

-Zeb Clark


Here’s some pictures as well!!!


14138798_10205693468530575_55283642703323030_o 14068276_10209366524335139_3556110945385639911_n     14195389_10205693530412122_928885182101390534_o

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